SS Light.

SS light co., ltd.
has always been here for you!

Since its establishment in 2007, ss light co., ltd. has consistently prioritized customer satisfaction management.
We remain committed to advancing research and development efforts, striving to evolve into a company that achieves even greater success alongside our valued customers.

SS Light.

Brighter and bolder!

You can explore a range of sign module products, from the impressive luminous efficiency of 1 LED, 2 LED, 3 LED, and 4 LED modules to the striking brightness of the 6 LED 28V special module, offering an experience unlike any others

SS Light.

Make your ideas stand out.

In addition to monochromatic and RGB modules, our diverse product lineup includes sizes ranging from 10.4mm to 68mm, and color temperature options spanning from 3K to 10K. Now, enhance your idea with our lig

SS Light.

Beyond the signs,
we highlight your story.

BIn addition to providing lighting and ensuring your sign effectively communicates your message, our lighting solutions guarantee optimal illumination for an unparalleled visual experience.

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